I practice in St AlbansHertfordshire and London.  

Taking care of your body, finding your resilience in times of stress, over work, high demand both mental and physical.

Performance is not all about meeting an energy demand.  It's about resilience, your practical resilience, in maintaining your stress levels and physical vitality.  It's about moving beyond coping and learning to thrive.  

I have a keen interest in high performance living - where the mental and physical demands of your work demand a high level of performance to counter the stress, fatigue, time zones and foreign travel.  I'm a frequent long haul flyer and have worked previously with large teams in foreign countries.   Pushing time zones and having to work extremely long days is something I understand.  Staying well and keeping your energy shored up is a challenge.  A necessary one if you want to feel your very best.     

You don't have to fly to experience these challenges.  High performance demand is everywhere - in the boardroom, juggling work and motherhood, on stage or screen, in the sports field, over work and stress. 

If you are looking to stay well on the road, improve immunity and energy, improve digestive disorders, improve mood, alertness and sleep, and general well-being when over worked and stressed - ultimately improve your performance, please contact me here.

My approach is realistic and real & I seek out evidenced based solutions to meet the demands on your body and mind in your chosen life-style and work. 

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