Weight loss

My objective was to lose weight through a change in diet.  Under Deborah's expertise I was able to not only reach my desired weight, but to maintain it.  Her nutritional guidance was invaluable and from it I learnt how to develop a healthier lifestyle.  

Gavin, Berkhamsted

Digestive disorders

With continual stomach cramps over the course of a year and seeing specialists with no improvement, I decided to approach a nutritionist that had come highly recommend.  With Deborah's guidance it became possible to pinpoint foods that I had become intolerant to and create a diet that nurtured and supported my body & lifestyle rather than hindered it.  As a result I have more energy, my immunity has improved and I have a feeling of greater freedom around food.

Elly, Hertfordshire

Joint pain

After a number of years with various infections,  joint pain and a lowered immune system, I  took Deborah's advice and cleaned up my diet.  I loved the scientific approach, for instance finding out how changes in what you eat as well as what you don't eat affects everything at cellular level in our bodies.

I have found it immensely useful to have her help, she steered me in the right direction and the pain diminished.  The changes in my diet had an almost immediate effect, within weeks I felt a whole lot better.

Thank you Deborah!

Martine, Hove


Deborah is quite simply brilliant. Her work is meticulous, both in understanding exactly what is wrong, and in formulating a plan of action.  She is also very practical, and I love the way she doesn't let you fall for fads, as she is someone who uses scientific studies and research as grounding for all she does.  I always get results when I work with Deborah. 

Ramita, London

Liver health

Poor liver function runs in my family and so, concerned about my own health, I connected with Deborah for advice to put me on the right track.  Her recommendations were easy to live with and the goals she set me, realistic.  I felt better for the diet change - more energy and zip.  Friends and family say I look better too!

Hugh, Brighton


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