including Jet Lag Protocols

I work with the individual and organisations to offer health and nutrition programmes and bespoke attention to staying well while travelling or on shift work. This includes managing the body clock, jet lag and long term health. Our body clocks have a major role to play in our metabolism, weight balance, hormones, mood, energy production and sleep/wake cycle. Please get in touch for more information.

Jet Lag Protocols. Reduce your jet lag.  You will feel better for it!

Deborah’s Jet Lag protocol really delivered results and I found it a revelation in my commute between LA and London.
— Neil R, London

For a fraction of the cost of your airfare, I will create a personalised Jet Lag Protocol that ensures you arrive in better shape, allowing you to enjoy and focus on the purpose of your trip. I create tailored Jet Lag Protocols, fully detailed to include the very best in science in how to influence your body clock, greatly reducing fatigue.   

This is a must have for every busy trip, business or pleasure.  The detailed personalised protocol will lead you into the trip, across the flight and the days following arrival.  We will look at all factors that influence your body clock including sleep, light, hormones, what you eat and when, as well as type and timing of exercise. 

I have a special interest in body clock (circadian rhythms) and avidly keep up to date with the latest science from the travel experts, NASA and elite athletes.

Frequent Travellers

If you are a frequent traveller you will likely be suffering body clock disruption and impaired immunity. I work with frequent travellers to protect them from the effects of jet travel, including the sleep/wake cycle and general health and immunity due to radiation exposure, poor food, lack of light and disrupted sleep.

Shift Workers

The disruption of the sleep/wake cycle and the human body clock has a major impact on all aspects of health, including weight balance, immunity, hormones, energy production and mood. I have a special interest in body clock (circadian rhythms) disruption, offering solutions to counter the effects of this disrupted life pattern. I regularly keep up to date with the latest science through conferences, travel experts such as NASA and elite athletes. We will work together to find the best solution to fit your lifestyle and work schedule.