including Jet Lag Protocols

I work with the individual and companies to offer travel health advice, jet lag and nutrition plans. This is a 360 degree view to your health and wellbeing, we cover it all. We will consider all factors that impact your wellbeing, including your sleep, movement, nutrition and body clock for jet lag.

I offer bespoke Travel Health Plans to help you find the best solutions and balance for your wellbeing and frequent travel. I am holistically trained and have travelled remotely and extensively myself.

I have a special interest in our body clocks, which underpin our sleep/wake cycle, hormones and feel good chemicals. We will work with all evidenced based methods to re sync your body clock faster in my Jet Lag Protocols that help you adjust quicker from a long flight. I consider all factors that make up your health, including sleep, movement, lifestyle and nutrition. I also have a background in logistics and can work with you or your PA to ensure you take the best flight, choose the best restaurant and find the best hotel that works for your wellbeing.

My plans are very individualised and detailed and fully tailored to your health and needs. We work together closely to ensure you get the results you are after. If you would like to address something that is not noted here, please get in touch, I’d be happy to help.

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Travel Fit Plan, 360 degrees.


This is a 3 month fully bespoke plan that is a comprehensive look at your health, diet, immunity and travel health including jet lag.

There are three aspects to Travel Fit 360:

  • Arrive in better shape with a bespoke jet lag protocol where we use all evidenced based strategies to shift your body clock the best way possible.

  • Eating well when travelling to help you navigate all those business dinners, hotel and airport food as well as eating at odd hours. This can be tailored to your destination country/city menu.

  • A focus on your immunity which along with your energy and general health, can really suffer due to relentless travel exposure, jet lag, disruption of body clock, sleep, stress, fatigue and a change in your environment.

My Travel Fit plan looks at all aspects of your health to help you feel travel fit and at the top of your game. The quickest and most effective way to achieve your goals fast is by working on a 1:1 basis across 12 weeks.  The Travel Fit Plan includes:

  • Initial 90 min consultation and comprehensive intake form and full assessment of your goals, health and medical history and practicality of your daily life and schedule of travel.

  • A further 8 follow up sessions.

  • Weekly email and phone support.

This is a detailed bespoke Travel Health Plan tailored to your personal health profile, dietary requirements, schedule of travel and destination country/city. I will take you through a step-by-step plan that works, keeping you accountable and achieving results. This Travel Health Plan will be adjusted throughout to make sure you stay on course.

Phase 1

We will start with looking at any current health concerns as well as implementing some simple changes that can really make an impact on your energy and sleep.

Phase 2

I will create a detailed bespoke jet lag protocol to ease the symptoms of jet lag and travel fatigue and have you arrive in better shape. This will be adjusted throughout the programme as you offer feedback from your trips. This will cover pre boarding, during the flight and on arrival out and return. I will consider all factors that are evidenced based to influence your body clock and jet lag as well as alleviating general travel fatigue.

Phase 3

We will look at how to eat healthily while travelling, specific to your health profile and destination country/city. We will look at healthy eating on the go, how to survive the business dinners, the hotel meals, the airport on the go fuelling and eating at odd hours. We will look at meals to power you up, the best snacks to sustain you, and foods for improved sleep and digestion. This is fully tailored to your general health, travel health and nutrition needs.

Jet Lag Protocols. Reduce your jet lag.  You will feel better for it!

Deborah’s Jet Lag protocol really delivered results and I found it a revelation in my commute between LA and London.
— Neil R, London

The protocol price is dependent on number of destinations and travel schedule. It is generally 3-6 weeks depending on your needs. Please get in touch to discuss.


For a fraction of the cost of your airfare, I will create a personalised Jet Lag Protocol that ensures you arrive in better shape, allowing you to enjoy and focus on the purpose of your trip. I create tailored Jet Lag Protocols, fully detailed to include the very best in science in how to influence your body clock, greatly reducing fatigue.   

This is a must have for every busy trip, business or pleasure.  The detailed personalised protocol will lead you into the trip, across the flight and the days following arrival.  We will look at all factors that influence your body clock including sleep, light, hormones, what you eat and when, as well as type and timing of exercise. 

I have a special interest in body clock (circadian rhythms) and avidly keep up to date with the latest science from the travel experts, NASA and elite athletes.

Includes 1 x 90 minute initial consult; 1 x 45 minute phone call to deliver protocol, 2 x 30 minute calls to make adjustments throughout trip.

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