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stress & immunity

Stress is a natural response to internal or external stressors that threaten your body's survival.  However, sustained periods of stress or extreme stress will exhaust the body allowing for potential dysfunction and disease.

The hormone cortisol influences many of the immune system cells, including a regulatory role on lymphocytes and the reduction of white blood cell and antibody production.  

During alarm, cortisol suppresses the activity of the immune cells at the site of inflammation and causes lymphocytes to almost disappear from the body, temporarily suppressing the immune system.

Cortisol has to be in balance with another hormone, DHEA.  If these vary greatly the immune system will become suppressed as high levels of cortisol and DHEA block secretion of the immunoglobulin, IgA.   IgA is offers defence by protecting your mucous membranes from invasion by bacteria and viruses via the GI tract.  

The body works in concert, like an orchestra.  Everything is connected.  Identify your stressors and work with a professional in managing them through diet and lifestyle.  



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