My objective was to lose weight through a change in diet. Under Deborah’s expertise I was able to not only reach my desired weight, but to maintain it. Her nutritional guidance was invaluable and from it I learnt how to develop a healthier lifestyle.
— Gavin, UK

Establishing a new dietary habit and shifting your health can be hard, which is why I offer Nutrition Plans where we work together for several weeks.

This gives you full support on a 1:1 basis, and allows us to adjust the programme over time to achieve the best results. As a Nutritionist in Barnes, South West London, I offer evidenced based, practical solutions. I take into consideration your life schedule, food preferences, medications, health history, physical activity, sleep and stress factors.

If you are a frequent traveller you will likely be suffering body clock disruption and impaired immunity. I work with frequent travellers to protect them from the effects of jet travel, including the sleep/wake cycle and general health and immunity due to radiation exposure, poor food, lack of light, movement and disrupted sleep.

For Travel Fit Nutrition Plans - please see here.

Nutrition Plans: The Process

I will send you a health questionnaire and food diary to complete prior to our first appointment. We will then meet or use Zoom for the initial consultation where we will go through your health history, family history, symptoms, concerns and goals. From this I will create a health, lifestyle and nutrition plan which we work together on across several weeks for best results.



The initial consultation is 90 minutes and is information gathering. It will include a full health and medical review, lifestyle review and completion of a food diary. We will set initial clear goals, and talk through all factors to help achieve your desired results. I prefer to meet you in person for the initial consultation. However I can offer Zoom consultations where it is not practical to meet.

The second consultation is to deliver your protocol. We will talk through the best road map for you to achieve your goals.

Follow up consultations are 45-60 minutes. We will fully review your progress, your Nutrition Plan and make any adjustments we think are necessary to ensure you stay on track and reach your goals.

Consultation fee, £175

Please contact me for current pricing on my packages.

Deborah’s 30 Day Eat for Energy programme helped me improve my over all energy and sleep quality, whilst giving me lots of new quick and easy recipe ideas to improve my diet.
— Marc D, London


Ultimate Wellness Programme

This 10 week Nutrition Plan is for if you would like to focus on a health concern or a specific goal. This Nutrition Plan is tailored to you, fully bespoke.

Perhaps you are feeling burnt out, overloaded with work or want to improve your immunity, digestion, hormones, or achieve weight loss.

The programme filled the brief of supporting my particular nutrition needs but did so much more. I am sleeping better, have more energy and have healthier hair and skin.

I have rediscovered a love for food and cooking. I have been liberated from restricting food or counting calories and am freely enjoying eating well. I would not hesitate to recommend Deborah and I thank her for her help.
— Susan D, London

The quickest and most effective way of achieving your goals fast are by working on a 1:1 basis across several weeks.  I will take you through a 10 week programme that works for you.

We will focus on proven nutrition strategies and lifestyle factors (physical activity, sleep, stress, environment) to help you increase your physical vitality and get the results you are after.

We will create a healthy diet that is nutrient-packed, balances your blood sugars to stabilise your energy, includes healthy fats and avoids processed foods. You will feel nourished!

Ultimate Wellness Nutrition Plan includes a 90-minute consultation, regular food diary analysis, your personal health & nutrition action plan, 6 x 45 minute follow up calls, email support and 10% discount on supplements. Sessions over and above the plan are charged as follow up.


High Performance - Annual

You are a leading a high performing, busy life and would like regular nutrition and health support.

You may be going through a demanding period of work and travel, and would like full focus on a particular health concern - or you just want your health covered at all times.

You may be travelling extensively and on different time zones, wanting health coaching and full support at your finger tips, to help keep you feeling fit and on top of your game.

You may have a risk factor in your family or genetic history that you would like to protect yourself for, such as heart disease.

Whatever your health concern, we can create a Health & Nutrition Plan that is a long term solution for your goal.