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I have signed up to her monthly programme as I find her ongoing advice (based on her continuous research) to be very motivating.

I would not hesitate to recommend Deborah and I thank her for her help.
— Susan D, London

An expert monthly brief and nutrition consultation for the busy professional & frequent traveller.

This Brief is for you if you like bite size, practical information from the latest research in nutrition, performance nutrition, travel health and resilience strategies.

This is expertise translated to the practical.

It is better I get to know you by having an initial consultation, so I can understand your full health history. This means I can better serve you in all of our ongoing consultations.

February 2019’s brief is out now - Sleep Issues, Part 1.

This month I want to share with you what I found to be the key headlines on sleep. Sleep is a very big subject, so this is Part I and in future briefs we can continue the conversation.

Part I, Feb 19:

  1. How much sleep is enough?

  2. Some key research from The Resilience Institute on sleep and productivity.

  3. Do naps really work?

  4. Weight loss and sleep.

  5. Exercise and sleep.

  6. The best foods to help you sleep.

  7. How blue light affects your sleep.

  8. One way to fix your sleep when jet lagged.

  9. How to prepare the body for sleep.

  10. The future of travel.

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