building your blood

Anaemia is the term used for a set of disorders where the haemoglobin is deficient or abnormal.  Haemoglobin is the pigment that gives red blood cells their colour and it carries the oxygen to all body tissues.  It is therefore vital to build your blood and haemoglobin stores.

Blood reaches every part of you.  It builds, maintains, moistens, feeds, repairs, carries away, replenishes and rejuvenates.  You are your blood.

Common symptoms of blood deficiency are - dry skin and hair, tiredness, floaters (shadows in front of your eyes), pale nails, numbness and tingling in limbs, tinnitus, deteriorating eyesight, emotional, sleeplessness, amenorrhea, scant period, pale tongue, low back pain.   Please note that these symptoms are attributable to other disorders and you must seek the help of a health professional to best assess your health concerns.

     Chinese symbol for blood - Xue

     Chinese symbol for blood - Xue

With any anaemia, including iron deficiency anaemia, it is vital to find the cause so that both cause and symptoms can be treated as a whole.  


In Chinese medicine to understand blood is to acknowledge the inherent energy within the blood.  It is a deep reservoir of energy and gives you the resilience to ‘bounce back’.  Deficiency occurs over years; rebuilding takes time.

There are many blood building factors in the nutrition world, from seaweeds, nettles, dark green leafy vegetables for B vitality, to beets. The Chinese love millet, fresh dates and raw honey. However, if you are suffering iron deficiency anaemia or suspect it through any symptoms, contact your health professional today and have your iron stores checked.   

Build your blood and start feeling better.



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