My top 3 choices for best online yoga ..

Yes, with online yoga there are no longer any excuses .. it's savvy, inexpensive, invaluable.   You can always find the time for 20 minutes of yoga in your own home & all you need is a mat, a computer with internet connection, and some attitude!  Online yoga has revolutionised my approach to the discipline .. indeed, I have found some discipline.  In the past, I have dallied with every excuse out there, in that it takes too long to get to the class, the class is too long, too expensive (very true in London!), I can't fit it in around work .. and just plain, can't be bothered.  Now, in the corner of my living room is a rolled up mat, a set of weights and a strap .. it really isn't hard to just start stretching .. and wow do you feel good after.  All for the price of one yoga class, you get a month's subscription and all the classes you want, delivered straight to your living room.

1. - Delivered free, this New York style is marketed for those who like their yoga straight up.  It's not spiritual, uses weights and gets very down and dirty .. my favourite.  

2. - bringing the best teachers in yoga, meditation and filtering through to your needs at that moment, be it a 10 minute hit of Vinyasa Flow, or a specific meditation.  Great spiritual stuff tailored for the moment.  All the calm you need.

3. Colleen Saidman .. find her on Plum TV or You Tube - she's free & she's fantastic!  My favourite is the lengthening & opening 20 minutes .. saves £65 at the osteopath every time!

Use it .. and enjoy, you will feel the results. 

Deborah McTaggart is a registered nutritionist practising in Barnes, South West London, and global via Skype and Zoom. Deborah has a special interest in high energy demand, high performance, travel health, stress and sport recovery and performance for the busy professional, frequent traveller and recreational athlete. 

Deborah works as a Consultant with The Resilience Institute, UK who work with global leadership to sustain high performance and long term health resilience.  Contact me here for further information on eating healthy for busy people, sports nutrition for recovery and performance and improving your health.