The Diet Myth, what a great book...

I wanted to pass this on - I've been reading Tim Spector's The Diet Myth.  I love it, debunks all the confusion and contradictions out there about food/diets/science/illness .. he's a scientist and Dr, who has undertaken a lot of studies on twins.  He's also involved in the gut micro biome data collection with

Your microbiome (those microbes in your gut) is where science is at and your health & immunity resides.  Get your microbes right, feed the right microbes the right stuff, and good health follows.  Immunity is in your gut, 90% of serotonin is produced in your gut, it has it's own enteric nervous system so can function independently from the brain .. it's extra ordinary. (another great book is The Second Brain).

In the book, Specter talks of undergoing a colonoscopy and having already tested his microbial community .. he did it again after the colonoscopy and then focussed on diversifying it & creating better microbes.  The point being that your gut colony of microbes will only return to the state they were that created ill health in the first place .. unless you change them.  

How do you change them.  You change them through diet.

Also, it is possible to check out your own microbes, through laboratory work with a health practitioner like myself, or by getting the to do so for you.   Apparently you send them a cotton swab and they send you back a report on all your microbes.  You can then see where you need to target, through food.


Deborah McTaggart is a registered Nutritionist in Barnes, South West London. She has a special interest in high energy demand, high performance, travel health, stress and sport recovery and performance.  She works as a Consultant with The Resilience Institute, UK who work with global leadership to sustain high performance and long term health resilience. Deborah practices in Barnes, South West London and global via Skype and Zoom.  Contact me here for further information on eating healthy food.