How to recognise food, and other tips for health.

I write that title tongue in cheek given you are fully aware of what food is and where to find it. However the food producers, marketers and sellers, will have you think otherwise. Here's a reminder of what you already know, but I think it's important because you've got to keep it simple, beware the hype surrounding certain foods, and simply enjoy clean, whole food.

  1. So, if it comes in a packet, it probably isn't food.

  2. If it makes big health claims, it's unlikely to be healthy.

  3. If your great-grandmother’s gut microbes wouldn’t recognise it as food, you probably shouldn’t eat it.

  4. Healthy food sits on the perimeter of the supermarket , unpackaged & unmarketed, not making any claims but packing a punch when it comes to your health.

The comedian Jarrett Sleeper did a funny sketch as Amanda Chantal Bacon's diet choices.  She is a self promoted health guru who Gwennie Paltrow has taken advice from and owner of Moon Juice.  Her typical daily diet makes for great comedy - see it on my Facebook (deborahmctaggartnutritionist).  A copper cup of silver needle and calendula tea starts her day followed by mushroom protein and brain dust, throwing in some ho shi wu and pearl for her beauty regime. It's very funny.

The girl could have just eaten an apple and saved herself a lot of time and money.

Deborah McTaggart is a registered nutritionist with a special interest in high energy demand, high performance, travel health, stress and sport recovery and performance.  She works as a Consultant with The Resilience Institute, UK who work with global leadership to sustain high performance and long term health resilience. Deborah practices in Barnes, South West London and global via Skype and Zoom.  Contact me here for further information on eating healthy food.