A scientific stir-fry for your supper? GMO & TTIP coming to the EU.

Good things can come from genetic engineering – such as insulin.  However transgenic food in the name of efficiency & profit over public health can never be the answer in food production.  TTIP - the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership is currently being considered by the the EU.  If it is passed, what will hit our European shelves is a multitude of toxins, pesticides and GMO produced food stuffs, to date successfully kept out.  

The science is still young, in the hands of corporations aiming for profit, and with a complexity that can never shake the risk, with the risk being our health.  The most common reaction to GM food is an allergy related response.   It cannot yet be determined whether such reactions in humans is due to the hybrid end product, or the transgenesis process itself, being the introduction of an exogenous gene into a living organism.  

Our health matters.  The subject is one of hot debate and in an effort to be objective, the following study offers the pros and cons for you to start making up your own mind as to whether you're happy with this scientific stir-fry being served as a dish for your supper.  

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Deborah McTaggart is a registered nutritionist practising in Barnes, South West London, and global via Skype and Zoom. Deborah has a special interest in high energy demand, high performance, travel health, stress and sport recovery and performance for the busy professional, frequent traveller and recreational athlete. 

Deborah works as a Consultant with The Resilience Institute, UK who work with global leadership to sustain high performance and long term health resilience.  Contact me here for further information on eating healthy for busy people and improving your health.