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Hello and welcome to my site.  If you've landed on my page, you've probably got a tonne of questions on how to feel better, how to look better, and the quickest solutions to getting there.  Originally from NZ, I have a realistic approach to your nutrition and health.  

Building resilience, staying well and thriving in high energy demand is a challenge.  

I am interested in all things I've had to find solutions for myself.  I've trained in holistic nutrition and the functional medicine approach, genetic testing and am a Consultant for The Resilience Institute, ( who work globally with corporate leadership to sustain high performance and well being on a long term basis.  I continue my training in sports and exercise (ISSN).   

I'm a frequent long haul flyer and my previous work in documentaries has taken me far.  Pushing time zones, working extremely long days, burn out, adrenal fatigue, iron deficiency anaemia and stress related disorders is something I understand. Ultimately, where has my energy gone and how do I get it back!

Creating energy in the body starts with building a solid foundation in all pillars of health including fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, sleep and stress factors.  It's about lifting the bar on your health and accepting nothing less than feeling vital.

Life's adventure

I love adventure.  I've camped with Mongolian nomads, worked in the Galapagos with Sir David Attenborough, camped on the ridges of the Transylvanian Alps, hiked many a mountain and dived a few seas.  I want you to be able to get out there and meet the daily challenges of your life with energy, and to enjoy whatever it is that makes your life the best adventure.