Establishing a new dietary habit and shifting your health can be hard, which I why I choose to work with you throughout, offering expert nutritional advice with coaching support on my nutrition programmes.

I only work with a maximum of 8 clients at any one time to ensure you get my full attention and we achieve the very best in results.

The length of each programme will vary, as it will depend on your current status and what you would like to achieve in your goals.  Typically estimate 4-12 weeks, which is a good period of time to see changes and results.

You will always receive the best of my experience and expertise as a Consultant for The Resilience Institute, training in the functional medicine approach and an MSc (Hons) in Holistic Nutrition as well as my training in sports and exercise nutrition.

I offer evidenced based, practical solutions and I'm committed to getting you results.

Please call me for a free 15 minute discovery call as it's always nice to see if we are a good fit to work together.  

Nutrition & Health MOT - £150

If you're looking for one-off support, book in for a nutrition & health MOT.  Includes a 60 minute assessment, a personalised report and a nutrition and health action plan, meal planner and food diary analysis.   The fee can be offset against any of the Nutrition Programmes if you decide to convert within 4 weeks.

Starting Price on all Nutrition Programes, £325


Classic Nutrition Programme  

Package includes:

- initial case analysis, health assessment & food diary

- Initial 60 minute consultation

- Personal health & nutrition action plan

- 2 x 45 minute follow up consultations

- 2 x 20 minute coaching calls

Classic Nutrition Programme

You would like to rethink your diet and boost your energy. You have a busy life style and are looking for expert advice and practical support to make the changes.  You're confident you will be able to run with the programme once started.   

Then my Classic Nutrition Programme is for you.


Ultimate Wellness Programme


Programme includes:

- initial case analysis, health assessment, food diary

- Initial 90 minute consultation

- Personal health & nutrition action plan

- Weekly food diary analysis

- 2 x follow up sessions (45 min)

- 4 x coaching calls (20 min)

- 10% discount on supplements at The Natural Dispensary

Ultimate Wellness Programme

This programme is for you if you would like to focus on a niggling health issue.

The quickest and most effective way of achieving your goals fast are by working with me on a 1:2:1 basis.  You know that you will benefit from coaching support and regular contact.

You are ready to take a proactive approach to your health including your diet and lifestyle and seek expert advice and support.

I will take you through a step by step programme that works for you, keeping you accountable.


Executive Programme 

Programme includes:

- initial case analysis, health assessment & food diary (90 min)

- Your personal Nutrition & Health Action Plan

- Weekly food diary analysis

- Bespoke support as required

- Unlimited email support

- Weekly coaching calls (20 min)

- 10% discount on supplements at The Natural Dispensary

Executive Wellness Programme

You are a leading a busy life and need flexibility in changing your diet and lifestyle - then this programme is for you.

You may be training for a sporting event, going through a demanding period of work and travel, or would like full focus on a particular health concern. 

This plan is fully bespoke.  

I will work with you on a personalised programme that ensures you get the best results out of all your goals, sustaining high performance and wellness throughout.