I practice in St Albans, Hertfordshire and London.  

I am available for a phone chat before you book your first appointment.  I also offer skype or phone consultations and work with international clients.

First Consultation - The first session is about understanding your energy goals, work load and lifestyle, personal health and medical history.  In clinic I use laboratory functional tests and nutritional supplements alongside diet and lifestyle suggestions.   (75 minutes)

Follow Up Appointments - (45 minutes)

I offer a follow up phone call a week after our consultation to see how you are getting on. Where possible I will respond to email queries.  However, due to my time commitments, I regret that I am unable to respond to multiple emails.  Further I am unlikely to amend in detail any protocol without a consultation.  If you feel you are responding badly to a food or supplement, please discontinue it.  Take notes and we can discuss at your next appointment.  If you are on medication, please note it is your responsibility to inform your GP of your nutrition and supplement protocol.  


I also offer the following - please enquire.

Energy package- initial consultation,  two follow up consultations, with phone & email support offering a value saving.   

Energy make over - 6 months of in depth work to help you achieve your energy potential.

Detox your kitchen.  It would be a great privilege to be invited into your kitchen, and with full respect (but tough love!), I would rid your kitchen shelves of all the products masquerading as food, that deplete your energy.  We can then go shopping for new stuff!