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contact me for a free 15 minute discovery consultation, or to find out more about working with me

How I can help

  • Stress related disorders (eg poor sleep, digestion issues)
  • Inflammation (systemic due to poor gut health, weight gain) or local (sporting trauma/injury).
  • Iron deficiency anaemia and blood building
  • Poor sleep
  • 'Burn out', adrenal fatigue
  • Travelling, jet lag and on the move fatigue and exhaustion
  • Energy related disorders
  • cognitive / physical performance related issues
  • Weight gain/loss
  • Low mood & anxiety
  • Although I do not specialise in auto immunity I have worked successfully with clients with CFS and MS.

3 months, £375

  • You get my full attention for a whole 3 months!
  • 3 in person consultations
  • A weekly call as phone support
  • Full analysis of medical history and health timeline, current concerns and goals
  • Nutrition and Resilience Plan, coaching and strategies
  • Where appropriate I use functional laboratory tests and nutritional supplements which are an additional charge.

Single consultation, £13o

  • In person first consultation, 90 minutes
  • Weekly call for 4 weeks
  • Full analysis of medical history, timeline, current health concerns and goals
  • Nutrition and Resilience Plan, coaching and strategies


We are each unique as individuals to our nutrition needs.  These depend on your level of activity, lifestyle demands as well as your body's physiology and genetics.  Genetic testing is available.

Your Active Goals

A bespoke nutrition plan along with evidenced based strategies will help you reach your goals faster.  Food provides the information your body needs to fuel your daily activity.  We will use that to tailor a food plan depending on your physical or cognitive demands.  You will feel fitter, leaner and improve energy levels, helping you enjoy a more productive lifestyle.


Your mind and body need to align with your nutrition and lifestyle.  Together we will create winning habits and establish resilience in your body.