The best results come from working together on a programme, as this helps lay down new habits that creative life changing results.  Single consultations are also available if you prefer. 

The Initial appointment involves a 75 minute consult from which I will design a programme for you to suit your health concern. .A questionnaire and food diary will be sent to you to complete prior to your consultation.  The information provided helps me create something that works best for you.  I may discuss with you functional or nutritional health tests through your doctor or another laboratory.  I may also suggest supplements if I feel they will be of benefit. 

A tailored nutrition plan will be sent to you within 72 hours of your consultation for you to get started straight away.  The plan will include clear action points we have agreed in the consultation on dietary and lifestyle changes, along with helpful information such as information sheets and recipes.  


Single Consult - £135

75 minutes full health consult on your health concern.  Includes a follow up call.


30 Day Eat for Energy - £197

This 30 Day Programme gives you a blueprint on key strategies for how and what to eat for energy.  We work together over 30 Days to get the very best in results.  You will have more sustained energy, better sleep and even handle stress better!


Bespoke Programmes, 


   30 / 60 / 

90 Days 


Price available on request.  As a guide, a 30 Day programme is £285.  These are tailored to your specific health concern or request. You may want a plan to fit your lifestyle, a focus on immunity and health resilience or a closer look at a specific health concern.  3 months is an excellent period of time to see real results and know your efforts are being rewarded.   6 and 12 month programmes also available.


Jet Lag Protocol - £275 

For a fraction of the cost of your airfare, let's create a bespoke Jet Lag Protocol that ensures you arrive in better shape, allowing you to enjoy and focus on the purpose of your trip.

I create tailored jet lag protocols, fully detailed to include the very best in science in how to influence your body clock, greatly reducing fatigue.

This is a must have for every busy trip, business or pleasure.  The detailed strategies will lead you into the trip, across the flight and the days following arrival.  We will look at all factors that influence your body clock - you will feel better for it.

Farewell jet lag!

Starting price £275


Genetic Testing

Testing is an excellent tool to gain insight quickly into imbalances in the body and is precision medicine.  I test using Nordic Laboratories DNALife, who back up their work with extensive research.

An initial consultation fee to understand your history as well as a test interpretation fee applies, £197   

2 Tests.  DNA-Health + either DNA-Diet, DNA-Sport or DNA-Oestrogen - £299 

3 Tests.  DNA-Health, DNA-Diet, DNA-Sport - £349

4 Tests.  DNA-Health, DNA-Diet, DNA-Sport, DNA-Oestrogen - £399 


  • Optimising energy levels
  • Ideas and recipes for busy people
  • Supporting healthy weight
  • Improving sleep quality to optimise health and energy
  • Building immunity and your health resilience
  • Digestion and detoxification in the body
  • Blood building for iron deficiency anaemia
  • Travel and jet lag protocols tailored to your trip to reduce exhaustion and the effects of jet lag
  • Evidence based strategies for stress management to bring the body into harmony
  • Supporting adrenal fatigue when you have reached 'burn out'
  • Improving low mood and anxiety
  • Although I do not specialise in auto immunity I have worked successfully with clients with chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple sclerosis.


Food provides the information your body needs to fuel your daily activity.  We are each unique as individuals to our nutrition needs and one size does not fit all.  These depend on your level of activity, lifestyle demands as well as your body's physiology and genetics.   


Good lifestyle choices like movement, sleep, handling stress are key to good health and will help you reach your goals faster.  We will create winning habits and I'll share evidence based key strategies.  You will feel fitter, leaner and improve energy levels, helping you enjoy a more productive lifestyle.  


Which exercise works best to lose weight for you? Do you need more recovery time after exercise?   How do you handle oestrogen, inflammation and stress in the body.  Testing is an excellent tool to gain insight quickly into imbalances in the body.  I test using Nordic Laboratories DNALife which are backed up by extensive research.

Knowledge gives you the control over your health and you can build health resilience according to your genes through the intervention of diet and lifestyle.   


Physiological resilience is your body's immediate ability to adapt and respond to the necessary challenges and changes in life.  It's about looking after your body daily with small changes and proven strategies, so that you live a longer, more healthy life.