the word on fat!

Gaining weight is a sign that something is not quite right in the body and it is not to be considered as a healthy adaptation. Our bodies excel on the good fats, lean quality proteins and plenty of greens with a minimal (if any) amount of carbohydrates (grains, cereals).  Tuning into what your body runs on best will help you lose weight, prevent weight gain and feel energised.  The aim is to encourage your body to burn its own fat as a fuel source and not use carbohydrate as fuel.  Low fat diets don't generally work as people tend to consume more carbohydrate to compensate for less fat.  Any excess carbohydrate in the diet, even whole-grains, will stimulate the alpha receptors on fat cells, which is a signal to the cell to store fat.  

It's about down regulating inflammation in the body, balancing hormones and getting your cells to talk the language of fat burn.  

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Deborah McTaggart is a registered nutritionist practicing in Barnes, South West London.  Stress, travel, over work, over training and other health concerns can impair your vitality and performance.  Bespoke nutrition along with proven strategies can help optimise your performance. You will feel fitter, leaner and improve energy levels, helping you enjoy a more productive lifestyle.  Contact me here.