oxygenate your body & you can improve your health

Oxygen exists in the air at 21% with the brain and heart using most of what is inhaled.  Oxygen has a greater fundamental nutritional role than any vitamin or mineral that we ingest.  It is vital to all body processes, from burning food for fuel to eliminating waste, rebuilding liver cells to destroying pathogens, including fungi and yeast.

Here's how to oxygenate -

Physical activity - exercise, yoga, yogic breathing, walking, pilates.  

Visualisation to circulate energy.

Foods that oxygenate - the trace element germanium enhances the action of oxygen in the body and can be found in the following foods - garlic, mushrooms (reishi, shitake, champignon), ginseng, unrefined aloe vera juice, barley, chlorella micro-algae, i.e. spirulina.  

Deborah McTaggart is a registered nutritionist practicing in Barnes, South West London.  Stress, travel, over work, over training and other health concerns can impair your vitality and performance.  Bespoke nutrition along with proven strategies can help optimise your performance. You will feel fitter, leaner and improve energy levels, helping you enjoy a more productive lifestyle.  Contact me here.