My hormones are driving me crazy .. and what to do about it.

All too often women are all to accepting of symptoms that relate to hormone imbalance, such as moodiness, stressed out, sleep deprivation, hair loss, heavy and painful periods.  Yet you can feel vital, focussed and energised if you're prepared to do the work to balance yourself hormonally.  Your body is wise and wants to be in balance.  We start by identifying those small changes that will have the largest impact.   By identifying the obstacles in your life that contribute to symptoms, we can then look to remove them.  We would address imbalances, looking at the underlying cause of your symptoms.  The right diet, targeted exercise and specific supplements can make a huge impact on your hormonal health.

Deborah McTaggart is a registered nutritionist practicing in Barnes, South West London.  We can tailor nutrition principles along with proven strategies to optimise your performance.   You will feel fitter, leaner and improve energy levels, helping you enjoy a more productive lifestyle.  Contact me here.