Fat cells are covered in immune cells which talk to your gut microbes. New thinking on weight gain and immunity.

I love all the science and research going into gut microbes. 

Fat cells are not just storage units.  They are covered in immune signalling cells called Tregs.  Tregs talk to the rest of the immune system, which is just that .. a body system incorporating many organs and biological functions across the body.

Tregs also talk to your gut microbes and it is believed so far in science that immunity resides primarily in the health of the gut.

What happens with obesity is the fat cells change and the Treg cells on the surface of the fat cells disappear - opening up a cascade of inflammatory signals.

When inflammation is increased in the body, it sends stress signals around the body via the blood, cells start producing more quickly and potentially shorten their lives.  The fat cells increase more inflammatory signals, increasing blood insulin which alters glucose metabolism.  The outcome of all this is yet more fat is put into storage.

New science is revealing that a diet focussing on gut microbe diversity can play a significant role in weight loss and health.

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