General malaise, brain fog, food intolerances? First check out your gut health - it may be 'leaky'.

Leaky gut is when the gut mucosa (lining) is impaired, and food particles find their way into the blood stream initiating an immune response seen as food intolerances, general malaise, brain fog, skin conditions and more serious auto-immune conditions.  Damage to the gut lining is caused by irritants in the diet (caffeine, wheat, white flour, processed food, sugar) or unsuitable foods (animal fats, food intolerances) or prescription medications, anti-inflammatory meds, contraceptive pill and pain medication.  Absorption of nutrients becomes impaired as a result.    

Your immune system primarily resides in your gut so it is critical to optimise gut health for your overall health.  

Start with removing the culprits that are irritating your gut, then work with a qualified practitioner to repair your gut lining and reinoculate your gut flora.

Deborah McTaggart is a registered nutritionist practicing in Barnes, South West London.  Stress, travel, over work, over training and other health concerns can impair your vitality and performance.  Tailored nutrition along with proven strategies can help optimise your performance. You will feel fitter, leaner and improve energy levels, helping you enjoy a more productive lifestyle.  Contact me here.