A little bit of butter goes a long way - finally scientists put butter back on the table ..


It's so important to your health to understand the difference between a quality fat and a damaging fat.  Your cell membranes are made up of a fat (lipid) bilayer.  The more saturated fat you eat, the more rigid these membranes become.  The more olive oil, avocados and fish oils you consume, the more supple are the membranes.  You need both in order to have a health cell membrane.  You want the toxins to freely flow out of the cell, with oxygen and nutrients free to flow in.  

What should be avoided are the poor quality vegetable fats and trans fats.  Whatever you feed your body, it will use - manifesting in dysfunction and ill health.   So know your fats and choose wisely.

This latest call from the scientists goes to prove that reductionists science never works to understand health.  We need to stop singling out villains and look at the whole picture.  Holistically. 

Eat sensibly.  Eat real, healthy food.  Eat a little less.  This is not a call to pile on the butter .. a little bit of butter goes a long way.

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