We are 99.9% that of our Paleolithic ancestors. What you choose to eat, matters.

Where on good earth has our common sense gone?  When it comes to our heath & diet, we seem to have forgotten the wisdom of tradition, the basics of how our bodies run on real, whole food.  We prefer to follow a fad be it low fat, high fat. all protein or even bullet-proof coffee - really?.   Diet has changed more than our genetics can adapt since the Paleolithic era some 40-50,000 years ago.  We are 99.9% that of our Paleolithic ancestors.  Agriculture, the farming of grains and cereals, only came into existence 10,000 years ago.  We mass produce, refrigerate, modify genetically and hormonally - this is unnatural and unhealthful.  Your body will not work that way.   What you choose to eat, matters.  Food, through biochemistry, will impact your health.  You can use this to create your health.

So read on, these are the guys & girls that are making the headlines, selling New York Times best sellers and reaching a large audience - giving us the good, the bad & the ugly on our health. 

Neurologist David Perlmutter

Explains in 'Grain Brain' how gluten and carbs are destroying our brains.  It is my opinion that Perlmutter does over step the empirical evidence somewhat, suggesting conclusions on the link between grain and our brains when more science is needed.  However, I do not disagree with him .. our bodies are not engineered to eat so much grain and cereal, so he makes for an interesting read & he is on to something.   

Dr Mark Hyman 

He coined the term 'diabesity' in his NY Times best seller, 'The Blood Sugar Solution'.  An excellent read, Dr Hyman looks at how we can prevent diabetes and lose weight by balancing our blood sugars.  it's simple stuff, but with a major impact.

Dr Sara Gottfried

Harvard physician, Dr Gottfried tells us how cortisol leads to excess belly fat and accelerated ageing through shortening of your telomeres (see my blog).  In my opinion, Sara rocks!   Her NY Times best seller - The Hormone Cure is packed with the best info - see my Good Reads.  It is time to balance your hormones and get back to feeling again the fabulous woman that you are. Contact me for an assessment.


Deborah McTaggart is a registered nutritionist practicing in Barnes, South West London.  Stress, travel, over work, over training and other health concerns can impair your vitality and performance.  Bespoke nutrition along with proven strategies can help optimise your performance. You will feel fitter, leaner and improve energy levels, helping you enjoy a more productive lifestyle.  Contact me here.