Will nutrition good news please stand up!

Food is more than the sum of the parts. It’s social & pleasurable & definitely to be enjoyed.  So let’s celebrate the good news.

I can’t imagine a day without chocolate!  Dark chocolate (70-80%) can benefit your healthy gut microbes, key players in your immunity.  Regular chocolate eaters were found to have healthy metabolisms & microbes over non-chocolate eaters.  Chocolate contains beneficial flavonoids.  However, adding milk & sugar diminishes the health benefits.      

I’m a fan of coffee.  A cup of strong Sumatran beans gets me out of bed.  So I am thrilled to read the science that coffee is not the villain it is made out to be.  It has beneficial antioxidants, is a proven sports performance aid and in moderation can reduce heart disease risk.  I’ll drink to that!

I’m also a fan of butter.  Fat has gotten a bad rap.  A dollop of butter on peas, olive oil drizzled on broccoli, carrots with hummus, avocado in your salad; will help you absorb the nutrients found in vegetables.      

Deborah McTaggart, Holistic Nutritionist offers consultations on all health matters.  I am registered with the NANP.org.  I have worked with clients on chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, weight loss, detoxification and anaemia.  Your health concern can be big or small. 

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